Eurolifes ‘DNA’

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Founded in Canada in 2017, EuroLife Brands is a vertically integrated enterprise focused on the pan-European health and wellness sector.

The vision for EuroLife consists of keystone integrations within the customer value chain.  Deriving short and long term business value through revenue operations, increasing market-share activities, and efficient and streamlined management operations.

Company holdings now and in future, span across the raw material consumer supply chain, product asset management, technology distribution platforms, and physical retail operations.

EuroLife has created a holistically diversified portfolio of assets across various business verticals, allowing the company to experience growth in multiple business verticals simultaneously.  The company vision continues to grow its European business ventures throughout the consumer landscape.

EuroLife is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:EURO), the Frankfurt Exchange (3CMA), as well as the US OTCPK (EURPF).



Through the years, our service offerings have expanded from what was once a startup technology company (providing digital marketing strategy, creative and development services with exceptional project delivery
execution) to a publicly traded company providing a much wider breadth of shareholder value throughout various industries.

EuroLife Brands employs a highly diverse and experienced team that provides a multi-vertical asset approach for driving business revenue. We employ strategies that enable key cross-pollination elements of our company business units.  These units interact with one another to create the synergistic effect commonly referred to as, the ‘sum is greater than the parts’ methodology of business.  This allows us to recognize greater shareholder value while creating a vertically-diverse portfolio of assets.

Our services range from technology distribution solutions, acquisition/resale of brand and product licenses for use in global markets, management of European retail establishments, preferred distributor arrangements, distribution partnerships,  platform development for consumer product goods within the European market, and alternative medicine education.

EuroLife Brands has made appearances on CBC, CTV, BNN, Bloomberg, Canadian Health & Family, MMG, Midas Letter Live, Green+Silver, On the Street with CSE, Investment Pitch Media, Smallcap Power and  participated as a keynote speaker at various industry conferences and events.