About Us

EuroLife Brands (CSE: EURO) (Frankfurt: 3CM) (OTCPK: CANVF) is a leading global digital CBD marketplace with an exclusive CPG-focused eCommerce platform backed by evidence-based cannabis education and detailed consumer data collected through Cannvas.Me, the Company’s data-driven cannabis education platform with users spanning the world.

EuroLife Brands is a leading global data-driven CBD marketplace with exclusive and unbiased physician-backed education.

About Us

Leveraging its Cannvas-branded AI-powered geo-targeted global platforms, EuroLife delivers a CPG-focused marketplace for the ancillary cannabis space providing CBD brands across the world with a centralized digital portal wherein their products are supported by unbiased and evidence-based cannabis education.

Through the use of consumer-focused data around cannabis purchasing and usage collected and analyzed anonymously through its Cannvas Data platform, EuroLife overlays consumer data around pre-transactional purchase behaviour with datasets from its global network of strategic partners, positioning it as an intelligent CBD eCommerce platform able to quickly predict and respond to the needs of its users based on demographic and firmographic information.

With 50 countries and over 740 million people (twice the population of the U.S. and Canada combined), approximately 3 million Europeans are consuming 255 tons of cannabis each year, according to a Prohibition Partners report from January 2019. They forecast Europe to have the world’s largest legal and medical cannabis markets by 2023 and EuroLife recognizes the crucial need for a cannabis-based digital CBD marketplace in Europe that complements its inventory with unbiased and data-driven cannabis education.

EuroLife expects to grow into a global destination for CBD and cannabis-based products and accessories geared toward educated consumers and those curious to learn more before making a purchase decision.
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