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EuroLife is in the final stages of acquiring CWE Holdings, a franchised Health and Wellness retail operation in the EU. With an impressive year over year growth rate and a product catalog of hundreds of premium products, CWE Holdings owns and operates several locations within the most lucrative and highly competitive market space within the EU. Focusing on its central European customers CWE has retail locations in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

As of June 15th CWE operates 8 retail and franchised locations.

This acquisition in itself will enable Eurolife to complete its end-to-end European Business Model. Together with existing equity ownerships of various product and brand businesses, the culmination of all synergies fall at the retail side. Retail is the final stage where revenue generation is at its most saturated.

CWE Holdings Highlights:

  • $3,000,000+ CDN in 2019 revenue
  • Eight (8) retail locations in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg
  • Aggressive expansion plans for additional retail stores throughout the EU market
  • Ecommerce with growing online sales
  • 300+ product offering including private label products
  • Deemed an essential service during Covid-19 pandemic

Retail Highlights:

Store operations offer its retail outlets a range of over 300+ products;  CWE takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to the universe of Health and Wellness, offering a variety of products to serve its growing number of new consumers and returning customer base.

CWE’s goal is to promote an organic, health-conscious lifestyle. Its locations are known for their clean and safe profile, with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Its superior and sustainable products facilitate the adoption of an active, organic and health-conscious lifestyle, with product lines that range from food and nutraceuticals to clothing.

CWE Holdings Management Team

Wenzel Cerveny, Managing Director, a seasoned restaurant owner and event organizer who has spent most of his career in the hospitality industry, starting with Hilton Hotels. Since 2012, through his passionate activism, he has become a highly influential and respected spokesperson for the medical applications of organic products in Germany.

Jöern Follmer, CEO of CWE, Jöern is a serial entrepreneur that has sold a previous company to a NASDAQ firm in 1999.  He built up another company to take it public at the Deutsche Börse in 2005 and since 2008 has become an investment banker who has since then taken public more than 40 companies. Jöern studied Business Administration in Germany at Universität Bamberg and was awarded an M.B.A. degree in 1991 from TCU, Ft. Worth, TX, USA.