Consumer Technology Learning Platforms for Today’s Customer

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Eurolife was born from a technology startup within the Consumer Analytics and eLearning Space. We have built several eLearning platforms and experiences for companies such as Loop Media, Liberty Leaf, Aphria and Empower Clinics over the years.

We currently offer both a consumer facing experience (B2C) as well as a licensing model (B2B) for our software platforms. Providing Eurolife with consistent revenue monetization of its technologies.



Cannvas.Me is an unbiased and evidence-based digital cannabis education platform for active and potential medicinal and adult-use consumers curious about the potential health benefits of cannabis fit within their lifestyle.

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Health care through cannabis for your furry friend. Pets can suffer just like their owners. Explore the use of medical cannabis to help treat your pet’s ailments.

Through technology and machine learning, Cannvas.Pet aims to become the online authority for pet owners to educate, track and improve the overall treatment of their furry loved ones.

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Cannvas.De, the German platform mirrors Cannvas.Me and offers the same physician-backed and educator-approved cannabis articles and learning modules for all audiences curious to learn the potential benefits of health care through cannabis. The platform also uses the same machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to contextualize and adapt to its users and deliver timely and relevant information based on user behaviours and interests.

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