True Focus European License Holder

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EuroLife owns the exclusive licensing rights for True Focus’s product suite and proprietary intellectual property (IP) portfolio.  The right span across South America and in select markets throughout Europe for a period of 10 years.

True Focus’s all natural, nutraceutical formulations are delivered via an oral spray treatment and are aimed at mitigating the effects of low energy and ‘mind cloudiness’. The True Focus proprietary formulation is considered ‘patent-pending’ by way of a United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) patent application.

True Focus’ all natural nutraceutical product formulation may assist in the mitigation of the negative side effects associated with the excessive feeling of stress and anxiety. Delivered via a pocket-sized and user-friendly spray bottle, True Focus is ingested sublingually, allowing it to directly enter the bloodstream and be processed within minutes. Made with high-quality natural ingredients and with a refreshing pineapple citrus flavour, each bottle of True Focus contains multiple doses to discreetly deliver relief whenever and wherever needed.

The acquisition of the True Focus International License is a key strategic move for EuroLife as it pursues strategic collaborations with European entities active in the health and wellness space, including health clinics and pharmacies, insurance and government agencies, and medical and educational institutions.